The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


    One day three years ago, I walked into breakfast at the hotel in Washington,   D.C. where EXPO takes place, and across the room my friend R. John Wright waved at me.  I sat down with him and Susan for a moment, and he said, “When are you going to tell us what happened?”  Someday I answered.  I guess it is someday---

The Robin Woods, Incorporated Doll factory opened in August of 1983 in Pittsburgh, Pa.  The address was 6592 Hamilton Avenue, zip code 15206.  The building in a small manufacturing area of the East Liberty section of the city was the old Studebaker dealership.  The building had a freight elevator large enough to hold two cars!   The circus train ran right behind the building twice a year, and you could hear the tigers roar.  The nearest neighbor was the local Nabisco graham cracker bakery, and the usual smells of Pittsburgh were overwhelmed by the amazing scent of cookies baking! 

Pictured above are Bob Daniels, founder and VP of Sales and Marketing, with Robin Woods and some of the very first dolls to be shipped out the door on August 22nd.

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