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Sophia Garret Connolly

The Mandala is a circular symbol of great power found in all cultures.  The symbol is of a sacred circle.  It is also found naturally occurring in the world around us.

Sophia Connolly is a deep thinker.  She may be only 11 years old, but her thinking is quite sophisticated.  Sophia is a philosopher at heart.  Her family thinks she is sometimes psychic; Sophia thinks she is just very observant and picks up many things going on around her that others just don’t observe.  She thinks the human brain is very like a computer, and that fast processing of incoming information is something that can be learned.  (It may also be something that is inherited, and that exists in a person’s DNA, she is not certain).  At any rate, this awareness of how she can process information has made her very interested in the concept of wisdom and how wisdom develops.  She is especially interested in the power of the circle in history, and the symbolism of this simple picture.

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  2.          Stonehenge

             Arthur’s Round Table

            The Celtic Cross

             Milton’s Great

                         Chain of Being

             Native American

                   Wisdom Circles (Mandalas)

             The Labyrinth

The religions of the East and Far East are deeply spiritual and use symbols for teaching and for meditation, elaborate and very decorative madalas are found in China, in Tibet, Nepal, Korea and most other countries of the East.

The Mandala is a powerful structure in the study of geometry.

The Labyrinth is a form of the madala meant for meditation and self exploration.  It is walked into the center and out again, covering four quadrants

School children walking the famous labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France.

Two pictures of how King Arthur’s Round Table might have looked.   The Round Table was a mandala.  The concept of the table was to create a meeting place where all were equal.

A Mandala by the sea built as a meditation exercise from things occurring naturally on the beach.

Stonehenge, England, the most mysterious of circles, the most impossible of human structures, the most awe inspiring of places.

The Celtic Cross, a cross found in the British Isles, is thought to be a cross that incorporates the “old” faith with the “new” Faith of Christianity.

The Solar Cross is an ancient symbol used to picture the power of wholeness, the power of the Creator.  It is a symbol of the sun, which has often been worshipped as a god.

In his famous epic poem, Paradise Lost, John Milton describes “the great chain of being,” a literary version of the sacred circle.

The great “rose” windows in many of the majestic cathedrals of the world are made like the mandala.  The largest of these is in the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.  The National Cathedral in Washington also has a famous rose window.

Native American culture is full of the symbol of the sacred circle; there are those that represent the seasons and there are sacred feather circles, dream catchers, and symbols of the labyrinth.

Sophia had to do a school project on a subject of her choice; the presentation was to be multimedia, and had to be presented on her computer and with a projector in her class room.  Sofi is fascinated with the sacred circle, so she chose to do her presentation on the “Mandala,” the symbol found in all cultures.   Sophia’s multimedia presentation is presented here on her idea page.

Sometimes a mandala is created from beautiful colored sands as a process of meditation.  These mandalas are made for the experience of creation and not for preservation

To see a cool video of an aztec mandala click here.

Peter, Paul and Mary wrote a song called The Great Mandala about the terrible experience of war.  There are several versions of this song available on the internet.  The lyrics are also available.

For Sofi’s multimedia presentation she used a musical underscoring from a recording made by Walter Renaldi and L’Anello;  hearing the colors and textures of this music reminded her of the many elements of the Sacred Circle. (Sofi loves contemporary classical music.

Composer, Carl Orff, wrote an amazing work called Carmina Burana In this work is a musical representation of this great wheel of life.  Click here to see a video by a fan of the wonderful Trans-Siberian Orchestra performing this work called “O Fortuna.” the wheel of life.

Here are a few of the multimedia parts of Sophia’s  Presentation on the Wheel of Life.

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