The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Miriamne Selkie Singh

“What a beautiful name!” Alice had said to Miriamne the day the new girl arrived at the school.  Alice was entranced by the haunting beauty of this quiet, thoughtful, new arrival.

Morgan Faith LeFavre

Morgan’s laptop has opened a portal for her to new friends, and remarkably,  one named Alice Pendragon.,  Finding a girl named Pendragon  in the Untied States is amazing.

Lynette Luana Harper

L.L. Harper, as this lovely girl thinks of herself, is really Lady Lynette Luana Harper, of English Royal descent (through very unusual circumstances!)

Brionny Heather Garrett

“Bri” makes people think of fantasy because she looks like she just stepped out of fairy land.  Brie is a fashion plate -- she loves looking right up to date, and very in style.

Elaine Avalon Holmes

Laney” is not afraid to go out on a limb with the wildest new fashion;  and her only regret is that most of the time she must wear her glasses--

Guinevere Gail McQueen

Jenny McQueen is Alice Pendragon’s first and closest cousin.   Jenny hates her name!  How can anyone really be named Guinevere?

Alice Acacia Pendragon

Allie” readily lives up to her adventurous heritage. She is fun loving, and driven to lead--to envision where she and her friends should go, what they should do, and how quickly!

Sophia Becket Connolly

Friends love “Sofi”--full of life, an expressive face, sparkling, animated eyes, and flowing, gorgeous long hair.  Sofi is is always busy doing what others need to be comfortable and happy.

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“I have been thinking about this story for 15 years; ever since the active daily use of the internet by ordinary people and kids began. The story of the valiant King Arthur Pendragon, who tried to create equality among his men by seating them at a round table with no head of the table, has touched a hopeful chord in leaders through out history.  Surely there were women who shared that vision of Arthur the King.  Surely they have descendants among us today.  Surely we can meet them!” 
                  - Robin WoodsThe_%22E%22Venture/The_%22E%22Venture.html

Robin Woods Dolls is pleased to announce the first new doll line under the Robin Woods name since the year 2000.  There are eight new dolls, each with a unique face, and each with a very special character.  The girls are part of an adventurous story called The Legends of Alice Pendragon.  The story story is told on this website in the context of a blog, so there are places for you to make comments, to give input and to critique how the story is going.  There will be a wardrobe of clothing and accessories introduced in early 2009.  There will also be new characters along the way.  Each doll is a very limited edition--the first series is limited to between 10 and 30 pieces.  The characters will not change in the future; Alice will always be Alice, but each season she will appear in a new, stylish, contemporary costume.  (Just collecting Alice will be fun!).  We hope you enjoy this new concept and that you will share the adventure with us as The Legends of Alice Pendragon come to life!

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