The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure

  1. Robin Woods, Inc began shipping dolls from its factory in Pittsburgh on August 22, 1983.  The production staff consisted of 12 people: a floor supervisor, 6 sewers, 1 stuffer and closer, 2 artists, 1 screen printer, and 1 packager; there were three people in the office: Robin -the Artist, Bob-the Sales and Marketing Genius (truly!), and Donna--customer service and office manager.  The first dolls were made of cloth, with formed fabric faces, made from a technique which Robin developed in her kitchen.  There were three series:  The Premiere Collection; The Poetry of Childhood Collection; and The Mardi Gras Clowns.  Here are some very old pictures of some of those creations.

  1. BulletThe Robin Woods Dolls Gallery: Featuring dolls from past years with a bit of their history