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    The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Name: Robin Woods (Sumners)

Gender: Female

Age: Old enough

             to gain some wisdom

Hometown: Lubbock,Texas; 

           Santa Fe, NM; 

                 Colorado Springs, CO

Education: B.A. English;

        M.A. English;

            Ph.D. Child Development

School: Texas Tech,

          University of Pittsburgh

Occupation: Dollmaker

The Robin Woods Doll Artist section of this website will have three parts:  one will be specific information about current projects and products being created by Robin Woods; another will be a blog that will tell the story of how Robin Woods dolls came to be and the many stories behind that story; the final will be a Robin Woods Dolls Gallery that will trace the history of Robin Woods Dolls for the last twenty five years (or from the beginning), featuring details about one doll at a time, as well as a listing of  historical creations.

  1. BulletAbout This Website Section

Email me any questions you may have about old dolls; I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

  1. BulletThe Robin Woods Story

  2. A history of how RobinWoods Dolls began, and how they grew--a continuing story.

While we were working on the artist’s originals of the Alice Pendragon story, my husband, Charlie, decided to chronicle our progress.  Here is a little movie showing some of the steps we took.

We Invite you to enjoy this website and the new and adventurous world of             The Legends of Alice Pendragon.  Click here to return to The New Doll Page.

  1. BulletThe Robin Woods Gallery

  2. Featuring dolls from Robin Woods Inc; The Alexander Doll Company, Kingstate the Doll Crafters, The Horsman Doll Company, The Family Company, Effanbee Dolls, and Robin Woods Country--

  1. BulletContact Us

  2. Robin Woods Dolls

  3. Sumners Productions

  4. 4055 Becket Drive

  5. Colorado Springs, CO 80906

  6. 1-866-361-3655

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