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Morgan’s Girl Sleuth: Mary Madonna Malone

Morgan le Fay, by Anthony Frederick Sandys (1829 - 1904), 1864 (Birmingham Art Gallery): A spell-brewing Morgaine distinctly of Tennyson's generation

The Ruins of Tintagel Castle near Morgan’s Home in Cornwall.

A fun game where you create your own sleuth to solve mysteries

Morgan’s mother was (and is) a huge fan of the legendary Beatles.  This is one of her favorite pictures of the band, and one of her favorite songs.

Morgan Faith LeFavre

Morgan, or “Morgana,” the “old” name as her friends call her, lives where her family has lived for hundreds of  years, on the coast of Cornwall, in the heart of Merlin’s country, and the mythical birthplace of King Arthur--in the very tiny hamlet of Tintagel.  Tintagel is the location of Merlin’s Cave, of Arthur’s home, and of many mythical and legendary adventures.  Morgan is from a long line of healers, and she wants to become one herself--in one of the “new” ways, a family practice physician.  Morgan spends hours sitting in the ruins of Tintagel Castles, researching her many interests on her lap top.

Tintagel Castle, by J.M.W. Turner (Museum of Art, Boston, MA, USA.  Painted in 1815.

Morgan loves fine art--paintings and sculpture, and medieval treasures.  She loves to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington.  There are many wonderful works to see there.  She also keeps a scrapbook journal of wonderful art she finds online and that she hopes to see someday.

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The red star on this map of England shows where Morgan lives with her mom.  The picture on the left is of the remains of the mythical lost county of Lyonesse.  It is believed that this piece of land, Land’s End in Cornwall, was caused to sink by the ghost of Merlin to destroy Mordred’s army.  The mysteries and myths of this place become important to the survival of Alice’s brother, Arthur, and Morgan tries her skills and healing

A Painting of the lovely Guinevere Arthur’s young bride and Queen.

Read a mystery story and discover who committed the crime.

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