The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Morgan Faith LeFavre

Morgan loves cotton undies that she can wear to sleep in when the weather is warm and humid as it can often be where she lives.  She loves long boxer shorts in pretty colors, and these from her collection are pink with lettuce ruffled edges.  Her tank top is just for fun, and it is one of her favorites.  It is soft white cotton knit with pink lettuce edged embroidery.  Emblazoned on it is a frog with a golden crown holding a single red rose.  Then there are the words:  “Someday my prince will come!”

Morgan’s life style is unusual, as she lives at home with her mother, is home-schooled, and also she works each day helping to manage her mother’s self-catering cottages.  She rarely dress up in very fancy clothes, and prefers feminine skirts and soft tee shirts to elegant dresses. Her green knit shirt is designed as an over blouse, and has ribbed hems at the waist, cuffs and neckline.  The shirt is appliqued with dark brown paisley trims and these are accented with crocheted and embroidered flowers and leaves.

Her softly stripped layered skirt has a dropped waist with a self belt tied in a small bow.  Embellishments the same fashion as those on the soft green shirt make the simple skirt style very feminine, the way Morgan likes her clothes to be.

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Accessories for Morgan have to be very serviceable.  She is a busy, active girl, with little time for fashion fever.  And she has that practical English state of mind.  Her pink cotton hat has a nautical brim to protect mostly from the frequently falling rain. It is trimmed with a striped satin ribbon.  Her pocket book is one of her rather whimsical extravagances.  It is of leopard faux fur, lined with bright orange satin, and emblazoned with embroidery and bling!  Her shoes are fabulous: serviceable and straight forward in style, they are very stylish, with their two tone suede and leather, their faux fur insides and their blinging trims!

Morgan LeFavre, inspite of her French sounding last name is a true English girl.  She is easily identified as being from Cornwall because of her clear, unblemished ivory skin, her soft, pale coloring and her deep gray eyes.  Morgan has long, long warm, golden brown hair, with auburn highlights, and she can style it easily in many ways.  Morgan is 14” tall, with ball joints at the shoulder, leg and neck, and is of beautiful, rotationally molded vinyl