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Miri loves the gypsy dancing that takes place at the many gypsy events she attends with her family.  She can dance fairly well herself!  She also loves clothes with a gypsy touch.  The amazing colors on the dancers are colors Miri would love to wear.  The Sites above have some great videos of authentic gypsy dance.  Miri loves the clothes from the company, Free People; here are some of her favorites from the latest catalouge.




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Miri’s Favorite Websites

Miri Singh is a gypsy; from a real gypsy family with its roots in England.  Her father is a professor of English literature at the same school where Allie’s father is on the faculty.  Dr. Singh is actually a poet, with a specialty in the Romany language.  Few people even know there is a gypsy language; Miri knows it and is able to write some poetry in it herself.  The poems she writes are about the mythical, mysterious, magical beings she loves.  Creatures like the Phoenix, the Unicorn, Pegasus, Dragons, Merpeople, Griffins  the Selke (for whom she is named) and the other beasties that populate the stories of legend.

Miri loves jig saw puzzles; there is a peacefulness about building the picture. Two of her favorites are one --Van Gogh’s amazing painting, The Starry Night--Miri loves the mystical quality of the sky--and the other is of a wonderful owl; the owl reminds her of their family pet, Aristotle, the European Eagle owl they rescued a few years ago.

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Miri’s family heritage is colorful and fascinating. Her family often travels to see relatives at gypsy events.  One of the most amazing is Appleby Fair in England.  This is mostly a horse trading fair, where people who want Gypsy Horses, a beautiful, colorful breed of horse, come to buy.  This fair has been taking place continuously since the early 1600’s.  Miri’s family does not go there every year, but they have gone often in Miri’s young life.  Miri loves the gypsy carts, with their beautiful, intricate painting.  Her uncle Dimitri, who lives in his bow topped cart in Westmoreland, painted his own cart.  Miri took many pictures of the fair this last summer.  Here are some of her photos.

Miri bought this old photo of gypsy children sitting on a traditional wagon from a vendor at the Appleby Fair.  It reminds her of what her parents might have looked like when they were small.

Miri has a cd of gypsy music that she loves to dance to: it is by Steven Novacek and Gary Bissiri; here is a sample from this cd; the album in title The Gypsy Inflluence.
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