The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Like every girl, Miri loves pretty accessories that complement an outfit and make it give a great impression.  She loves the fuzzy leopard sandals with the pink velvet trim.  They are just the perfect accompaniment to her pretty dress.  She also loves the multilayered fabric pocket book with leopard accents that really looks great with her whole outfit.  The little touches of leopard fabric on the pocket book add a wonderful touch of  sophistication.  Her wonderful, brown waves are tied back with a big pink bow that picks up the colors of her skirt and the velvet trim on the shoes.  She knows the whole combo is fabulous!

Miriamne Selkie Singh

“Miri” Singh looks like a girl with romantic a gypsy heritage, and that is exactly who she is.  Her almost uncontrollable, soft brown waves frame a face with wonderful olive skin and piercing golden eyes. Miri, short for Miriamne, instinctively chooses fashions with the flavor of romance.  While she is an activist regarding protecting and guarding animals, she loves fake animal prints.  She is wearing one of her favorites; a dress ready to wear to the most elegant party.  The bodice is of a soft leopard printed cotton; the softly flowing skirt is of a flower accented, leopard jungle print.  The high waisted bodice is embroidered with sparkling flowers and leaves, and is finished with a leopard printed belt with a heart buckle.  The skirt is worn over gold lame’ leggins that help make the ensemble exceptionally stylish.

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Over her amazing gold leggins, Miri wears a camisole with elegant straps and a sparkling owl emblazoned on it.  She loves to fluff her hair out, pretending she can use it as wings.  The owl in flight reminds her of her hair when it is out of control!