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Lynette Luana Harper

Lynnie Harper is Jamaican.  As a Jamaican, her native language is English, spoken with a lyrical, musical accent.  As a Jamaican, Lynnie Harper has music and dance in her soul.  From her earliest years, she was making up songs, and singing them to her Father.  Her father is a diplomat,  with a long career of service to the Jamaican High Commission.  Lynnie often writes little “ditties” about her father’s imagined exploits.  Lynnie wants to be a singer/songwriter as a career--she has always known this is what she wants to be;  she can’t remember ever not having a song rising in her heart. 

In London, where Lynnie lives part of the time, her father works in this lovely old building in Kensington.  Lynette loves the Kensington area, where they also have a wonderful old stone row house--she really loves to walk in Kensington Garden, the “home” of Peter Pan.  She has written some songs of her own about this boy who didn’t want to grow up, and who is one of her favorite literary characters.

Lynette Luana Harper is a talented young girl, bursting with dreams and ideas.  She often thinks in rhyme and poetry--in her experience, she can sing with the song-writer, “my whole life is a poem, and the words and the rhythms are mine!”  (“Happy Birthday” from I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On The Road by Nancy Ford and Gretchen Cryer.) Lynnie’s Dad Took her to see this show in London, and it still sings in her heart.

Sir James Barrie, author of the original play: Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

The Swallow Tail Hummingbird, National Bird of Jamaica.


The eye of the camera is one of Lynette’s favorite things; she loves to take pictures of the world around her.  What she captures with the camera’s eye is like a song to her.  She carefully keeps a scrapbook of pictures of her travels between England and her own country.                                                                                        

Lynette’s home in Jamaica is a wonderful plantation near the port of Ochos Rios, one of the most beautiful of the Jamaican Bays.   In this lovely home, she goes to school, she visits with her friends, and she writes her music.  The song-writing and the music that Lynnie creates is powerfully influenced by the folk music of her country and by the instruments played there.

The Flag of Jamaica

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The now well known sights and sounds of Jamaica go back to the arrival there of Columbus, and of the later slave trade that flourished there.  The famous Banana Boat song, Day-O is played often on traditional steel drums.  The banana trade was crucial in the economic development of Jamaica before tourism brought people from all over the world to its beautiful beaches.

The Coat of Arms of  Jamaica

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