The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Lynette Luana Harper

Lynnie loves her white sundress.  It is the ultimate in feminine.  The soft yoke can be pulled off the shoulders, where the dress is held in place with tiny lace straps.  Ribbon rose buds, tiny satin bows and lace and sequin appliques accent the pretty shape of the tucked skirt and v -shaped waist.  A self ruffled accents the hem of the pleated skirt.  A pink tulle petticoat offers a hint of color under the bright white of the dress.

The accessories of Jamaica are fanciful and colorful, like the island itself.  Lynnie has chosen a wonderful straw bag to go with her elegant white dress.  The dress reminds one of summer, and the bag is definitely a summer bag. It is trimmed with bright ribbons and bows, sequins and beads, and fits easily on her shoulder.  Her sandals are white leather with a contemporary ankle strap accented with a turquoise satin bow.  Crepe satin flowers and tiny button centers parade across the toes.  The insoles of the sandals are a petal pink that peeks out around Lynnie’s pretty toes.  Lynnie wears a lovely white silk ribbon to tie back the sides  of her beautiful black, wavy tresses.

A beautiful dress calls for incredible undies.  Lynnie looked long and hard to find a lacy tube top to wear under this dress.  She choose white cotton tap pants as her undies as they are so comfortable.  If she puts on her tulle petticoat over these things, she feels like a ballerina, and like any good Jamaican girl, Lynnie loves all kinds of dance.

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Being from Jamaica, a tropical paradise, Lynette Harper knows all about beautiful, cotton dresses, and the accessories that accompany them.  Being the daughter of an ambassador, and a world traveler, she has to be dressed in her finest often.  Lynnie’s snapping dark brown eyes miss nothing, and her lovely coloring, with coffee and cream skin and warm, rosy cheeks, and wonderful black, wavy hair make her indeed a beauty.