The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Perhaps Genny’s dream where she is in space in the new ultra modern space suit was inspired by the viewing the Science and Technology window at the National Cathedral on a recent trip there.  This window so captured Genny’s imagination that she cannot forget it.  She really sees herself visiting this vast place called space and looking down with wonder on this “fragile earth our island home,” a phrase from one of her favorite prayers.


Gail McQueen

Genny McQueen has big ideas, big dreams. Her imagination is so vivid, she dreams in bright technicolor.  Genny has a passion for math and science--she loves thinking about how things might be. One of her favorite fantasies finds her being a dragon rider, like the people who live on Pern--but she can ride her dragon into space and visit the international space station.  Genny wants to be an astronaut and she believes she can accomplish that.

Genny’s journal is full of pictures from space and about space that she has found.  Her friend Lainey has helped her do some fun things with these pictures.  Genny calls her space journal her dream journal--she keeps a record of new advancements in space technology, and of what’s happening in the world of science and math.  When Genny’s friends say to her, “What’s Up,”  often sounding like “whtzup,”  she routinely answers with the latest what’s up in space. Listen to her “dream” music.

Genny read about a new space suit designed by a woman at MIT; Genny hopes this suit is ready to wear by the time she completes her astronaut study.  It never crosses Genny’s mind that she will not reach this goal.

Genny holds fast to the belief that those myths that live in our lives as legends have a basis in something real.  Perhaps there were horses with a single horn --unicorns, a mythical being with a magical power.
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