The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Classy accessories really appeal to Genny.  She loves the synchronisity of using the same basic colors in an ensemble.  Since she has chosen grey and black for this look, she has also chosen a black gingham berét with a silver embroidered fluer di lis.  To add a bit of color she carries a soft fabric pocket book with an outside pocket, trimmed in a larger black and white check.  Grey and black are the predominant colors in her shoes, which she really loves.  They will go with many outfits, with their cool ankle straps, their stacked soles and the many colored button trims.

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Genny McQueen loves to feel like she just stepped out of a young Voque fashion page.   She especially loves French fashion, like this very classic but contemporary grey corduroy dress with banded puffed sleeves and touches of smocking on the bodice.  Part of the elegance of this dress comes from its neutral, single color palette, with its self ruffled hem, and its black and grey gingham sash.  The full circle skirt gives the dress a wonderful sense of movement and Genny says it always makes her feel like dancing when she puts it on.  A secret under the circular skirt is a black tulle petticoat that helps the skirt stand out in pretty folds.

Genny’s undergarments actually make a great casual play outfit. Her light grey knit camisole has a feminine lettuce edge finish in black.  The iron on applique is the black and white head of a magnificent dragon (a mythical character Genny considers her mascot).  Her leggins are grey cotton knit with black polka dots.  In her imagination she is a dragon rider in these fun, comfortable pieces of clothing.

Guinevere McQueen is truly a pretty girl. All her good friends refer to her as Pretty Genny.  Her classic English coloring is a peaches and cream face, with round rosy cheeks, and deep  and thoughtful blue-grey eyes.  Her dark blonde hair, which she thinks of as “dish-water”  blonde is actually a warm, golden frame for her prettiness.  She loves her hair about chin length, for it is easy to handle, but can still be worn in fun styles.