The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Coming Soon:  A Section of this website for all those whose lives are closely linked with children. In the meantime, we urge you to link to this You Tube interview with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary.  Peter has devoted much of his life to educating children; this interview is in keeping with the depth of his commitment to the education of our country’s children.

On the topic of Peter Yarrow, a few years ago at the Kerrville Folk Festival, where my husband, Charlie, is the Folk Mass Chaplain every year, we heard a singer-songwriter named Steve Susskin sing a song called, “Don’t Laugh at Me.”  There were a lot of us old time folk music people back stage, and the power of this song silenced all the usual whispers there.  The song was really special.  Peter Yarrow was there that night, and he was so inspired that he took the song and began a movement that has had amazing power in the world of education.  Click on the stars to learn about Operation Respect.

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