The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Elaine Avalon Holmes

Lainey loves her white cami with the unicorn on it.  She sometimes wears it with her pink polka-dot boxers to sleep overs.  She loves undies that don’t really look like undies -- they feel like a little secret no one knows!

Elaine Holmes is a remarkable little redhead.  A tiny and almost invisible sprinkling of freckles can be seen on her nose if you look closely.   Her gray-blue eyes take in everything you think and do.  She has tried contacts, and knows she should try  to get used to them, but glasses have just been so much easier, and anyway, she doesn’t have to wear them for parties!  “Lainey” Holmes is a fashionista, and she loves dresses.  This dress, in a classic dropped waist style is made from fabric created by her good friend, Brionny Garrett.  Lainey saw a fabric in a dress on the internet and asked Brie if she could reproduce it.  The graphics are chosen from among Lainey’s collection of quotes about imagination, and the accessories were designed by Brie.  The short, puffed sleeves are part of the classic style Lainey loves.  There is a simplicity about this perky. short dress, with its double layer skirt that is just like Lainey Holmes’ perky personality.

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Accessories are to Lainey the finishing touch of any ensemble.  For her Imagination dress she picked really perfect touches to make the whole ensemble be spectacularly special.

Boots a carnation shade of pink caught Lainey’s eye right away. She loved the flower and button trim that made them really fun.  A bag to match is perfectly trimmed to coordinate with the colors in the fabric of her dress.  To top it off is a pink velvet newsboys cap, embroidered with a silver crown.  The perfect topping for a little princess.