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Brionny Heather Garrett

Bionny loves to watch the latest fashion videos from Italy and France; here are some of her favorites lately.






Brionny’s Favorite Fashion and Design Games

Brionny Garrett has an extravagant and passionate personality.  She is always into what is relevant, and for Brie, flora and fashion are relevant.  Brie loves the world of fashion and she also loves the world.  She is really into natural fibres, natural dyes, and growing things.  One of her more recent passions is planting trees. She has especially gotten interested in planting fruit trees as they really help the environment and feed people important food at the same time.

Brie loves old trees.  Her home town of Pittsburgh is full of them.  But when she visited Genny, the trees in Central Park, in New York City filled her with wonder.  She would love to see trees like these everywhere.  She took this picture, and keeps it on her wall at school.

Brie is collecting tree pictures; some are of what she loves; some are of trees she has actually planted.   Near the school grounds of St. H&H, where there had once been a fire, new trees are growing.  Brie and Allie’s other friends took up a collection and planted the fairly large, young pine tree in the picture.  They are starting a small fruit orchard on the grounds of the school so they can try out what will grow.  The little blossoming tree in the picture is one of their plantings.

From the latest fashions being shown in Italy at the Pitti Bimbo presentation to the industry, Brie picked the outfit above as clothes she would love to have.  Perhaps she will have time to create something like them, as she loves to sew and has her machine with her at school.

Embellished jeans and soft airy tops are the height of casual fashion.  Brie put together this outfit from pictures she found on the internet of things being shown for summer.

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