The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure


Alice Acacia Pendragon

“Allie” Pendragon is a 14” vinyl doll with ball jointed arms legs and head.  Her lovely sculpting is life like, with tiny details in her finger nails, toes, and even “belly” button.   Allie has sparkling inserted emerald green eyes with faint freckles on her nose, and softly blushed cheeks.  Her lovely wavy blonde hair can be styled many ways.

The silver linen dress reflects Alice’s love for very high fashion.  The detail in this very feminine frock is in the back, with an elegant almost bustle effect that ties with black satin ribbons.  Allie loves wearing this dress because she feels “enchanted” when she wears it.

Allie’s lovely dress is of silver linen with silver metallic threads woven through it.  It is accented with white silk and sliver embroidered details. Under it she wears a white eyelet double layered petticoat -- to add to the elegant femininity.

When it comes to accessories, Alice has exquisite taste is what looks good with her whole wardrobe. She loves her two tone shoes and her “amazing technicolor” duffle bag, which can hold anything she needs.

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Every girl needs really fun and useful underwear.  Allie’s undies are so cute, she can wear them as pj’s or wear them to the pool.  She loves the tiny black and white polka dot pattern and the embroidered edging on the cami sleeves and hem.