The Legends of Alice Pendragon:

                                 A new doll adventure



There are five major parts to this website;  each of them has a very special purpose; and each has its own importance.  These five parts are:

  1. 1) THE LEGENDS OF ALICE PENDRAGON: A new doll adventure (this section features the LEGENDS story in a blog form, and also four pages on each character in the story  (history, catalogue pictures, ideas and a movie)

  2. 2) THE HISTORY OF ROBIN WOODS DOLLS:  Including some tales that solve some mysteries that have perplexed the doll industry, up dates on new products, and a historical gallery of well-known Robin Woods dolls of past years

  3. 3) ESPECIALLY FOR YOU:  Ideas and messages about children and education for adults (parents, teachers and others) whose lives are closely linked with children

  4. 4) RETAILER’S PAGES:  Information, updates, marketing information, and ordering information for retail stores carrying Robin Woods Dolls  (coming soon)

  5. 5)THE CATALOGUE:  Ordering information for consumers not near a retail store regarding how to order the new Robin Woods Doll line

Here are a few keys to navigating this site:

   An arrow will point you to something else of interest related to what you are exploring.
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A purple star burst will take you to a movie that introduces a doll.
A green triangle will take you to a doll’s personal idea page.
  A lime polygon takes you to many other pieces of interesting information.
A blue double arrow will take you to the Legends of Alice Pendragon story page.
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